Belfort Capital Group is a service oriented, resolute ambassador of the interests of its clients.


Belfort Capital Group is an independent provider of professional services. Our solutions
are based on an open architecture in order to avoid any conflict of interest. In our relationship
with the client we are committed to full transparency and comprehensible communication.

Ambassador of Client Interests

We listen to our clients and strive to comprehend what is most important to them. It is our main ambition to deliver optimal results in correspondence with their real needs and preferences.

Integrated Solutions

We work closely with a wide professional network of prime custodian banks, investment analysts,

trust and insurance specialists, lawyers and tax experts to offer highly specialized knowledge.
Together we develop integrated wealth management solutions that are based on comprehensive analyses.


Confidentiality and respect for privacy are essential values to Belfort Capital Group.

Long-term relationship

Belfort Capital Group is committed to establish long-term client relationships based on mutual trust.
We are aimed to continuously and proactively deliver sustainable and tailor-made solutions.