Family Office Services

Wealth Planning

  • Strategic asset management

  • Wealth protection and wealth preservation

  • Investment management

  • Consolidated reporting

Trust Services

  • Support and advice with regard to the implementation of trust structures
    in cooperation with selected and trusted service providers

Legal and Tax Services

In cooperation with experienced lawyers and tax advisors we provide:

  • Legal advisory

  • Legal structuring solutions

  • M&A transactions and divestitures

  • Real estate transactions

  • Succession planning

  • Residency and relocation solutions

  • Tax planning and analysis of cross-border situations

  • Litigation and negotiation services

Project Management

  • Implementation and execution of interdisciplinary and international transactions:
    liaison supervision, time management, quality and process control, etc.

  • Facilitator for business ventures (M&A transactions, divestitures, plans for vertical integration,
    growth and expansion, outsourcing, strategic alliances, joint ventures, etc.)

Client Office & Administration Services

  • Secretarial services

  • Accounting

  • Corporate housekeeping

Family Management

  • Relocation and application for residency

  • Acquisition of real estate and its further management

  • Educational programs (organizing of schools and universities)

  • Medical treatments

  • Insurance consulting

  • Personal assistance

Concierge Services

  • Procurance of travel and hotel arrangements